Harrows Darts is the world’s leading and most widely distributed darts brand.

Founded in 1973, we started trading from a small darts shop in Enfield, North London.
Today we manufacture in purpose built factories in Hoddesdon, England and our 800 products are distributed to over 100 countries globally.Our production equipment is state of the art and includes the very latest in the following manufacturing disciplines: Precision machiningLaser markingFlexo, litho and screen printingInjection mouldingPoint of sale materialsGraphic design

Our highly skilled team has a lifetime’s experience in producing high technology darts products, designed to satisfy the needs of players the world over, from the beginner to the professional. Our company was born out of a surge in popularity for darts when the sport was first televised in the 1970’s. Tapping into this trend we seized the opportunity to capitalise on domestic demand and prepared for anticipated expansion overseas.

In 1980 we embarked on a concerted campaign to develop export sales. To create Harrows brand awareness and to encourage player participation we started to co-operate with emerging darts associations and leagues around the world. By sponsoring tournaments outside of the UK we built an early presence in countries which have matured into substantial and important territories for us today.

Some 30 million players worldwide now take part in the sport of darts.

Our Cause
Stacey’s Smiles has been set-up to promote awareness of Childhood cancer “Neuroblastoma” by creating fantastic special memories for Neuroblastoma Families. With its network of loyal Supporters, brilliant Patronage and supportive Stacey’s Partners, will grant wishes and organise special treats for Neuroblastoma Children. These wishes and treats will create the ultimate treasured memory for Neuroblastoma Families. Stacey’s Smiles will liaise with leading Children’s Cancer Charity’s such as CLIC Sargent & Specialist Children’s Cancer Hospital’s such as The Royal Marsden & GOSH to Identify Neuroblastoma Children & their families.

Our History
Warren & Samantha Mowle & Brother Jake were devastated when in 2009 their daughter / Sister Stacey Mowle aged 4 was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer. For the next 5 years their whole life changed. Warren & Samantha both gave up there jobs and with the help of a Children’s Charity implemented The Stacey Mowle Appeal. This appeal set out to raise money for treatment that was not available in the UK and had the support of the local community, Businesses and many celebrity household personality’s. Everyday Stacey very bravely fought the illness and was never in the right health to seek treatment outside the UK and after almost 5 years Stacey lost her battle on March 6th 2015.

Where are we now?
After Stacey’s passing Warren and Samantha Mowle wanted to create a fitting legacy for Stacey and by having first-hand experience of the cruelty of Neuroblastoma Cancer, the affect on Children and how the families struggle to cope with everyday life and with the success of The Stacey Mowle Appeal, They wanted to create something that could bring a Smile to other children like Stacey had & there families. Maybe one special memory, wish or treat that could make all the difference to Neuroblastoma Families lives. Stacey’s Smiles evolved and aims to bring Neuroblastoma Families, Communities and Businesses together to make this Charity very very special indeed.

The Torque brand represents quality, reliability and true value for money.We stock a full range of car tyres, truck tyres and we have also launched our own truck wheel that can be supplied separately or with the tyre pre-fitted to suit your requirements.

Torque Tyres are manufactured within a state-of-the-art production facility, utilising the latest in tyre assembly technology. Innovative, world-class product design and testing, coupled with precise quality control systems, ensuring that the product continuously conforms to all current European legislation.

Our car tyres have been designed to out-perform premium brands whilst delivering a price that’s affordable to the modern motorist.

The Torque truck tyre range is suitable for mid to long distance, regional and urban roads.

Due to the success of our truck and bus tyres, we have now launched our steel wheel that can be purchased separately or with a pre-fitted tyre using a tread pattern of your choice!

Tom Beresford Sports Journalist