As Josh Payne makes his much anticipated debut at the bwin Grand Slam of Darts, which gets underway this weekend, the Gravesend-based star spoke to the Weekly Dartscast as he looks forward to competing in yet another televised major.

A confident Josh Payne has made a great start to 2018 thus far following his disappointment from last year, and he’s really looking forward to kicking off the tournament on Saturday lunchtime as he faces Max Hopp.

“I’m feeling very good, it’s obviously a tournament that everyone wants to play in, so I’m putting a lot of hard practise in, and mentally right for this competition. And, I’m really looking forward to it.”

“I feel like I’m in a good place after learning a lot following my bad year last year. I feel that I’ve got myself out of that hole now, and I feel like I’m moving strongly forward.”

“Mentally I’m a lot stronger than 12 months ago, I concentrate a lot more, I’ve practised a lot more, and it’s proven in my game. When I’m down in a game, I still feel that I’m capable of winning. I can turn games around a lot quicker now. I feel like I’m a lot better now than back in 2016 when I won my first Pro-Tour.” 

“I’ve practised with the likes of Paul Nicholson, Peter Wright a couple of times, I’ve practised with Simon Whitlock a lot, they’re all good practise partners, and they’ve helped me out a lot, as I’ve played with Simon on the tour a lot, he’s really helped me, and he’s always guided me from the very start really.”

“2018’s been a really good season so far considering last year, a few little things need fixing, and it’s all about staying positive ahead of all of the TV tournaments coming up that I’ve qualified for.”

You can listen to the interview in full by logging on to the official Weekly Dartscast website shown below.

The Weekly Dartscast

Photography courtesy of Kelly Deckers / PDC Europe

Story by
Tom Beresford Sports Journalist