Josh Payne v Cristo Reyes

This afternoon took on Cristo Reyes in the first round of the European Darts Trophy in Mülheim, Josh won the bull backstage and threw first in the match.

Josh Payne 0-1 Cristo Reyes
Josh kicked off the match with a 140, didnt turn out to be a great leg from neither player as Josh left tops after 18 darts but Reyes took out 84 to take the lead.

Josh Payne 0-2 Cristo Reyes
Josh struggled to get going in the second leg and Reyes took out D16 for a 17 darter with Josh not on a finish.

Josh Payne 1-2 Cristo Reyes
The third leg was a lot better and Josh took out a big 120 finish for a 15 darter to get his first leg on the board.

Josh Payne 2-2 Cristo Reyes
Josh kicked off the fourth leg with a 140 followed by a maximum, getting down to 81 after just three visits to the board and Josh took out D6 for a 13 dart leg to break the Reyes throw and level the match at 2-2.

Josh Payne 2-3 Cristo Reyes
In the fifth leg Reyes broke Josh straight back after taking out 80 for a 15 dart leg with Josh not on a finish.

Josh Payne 2-4 Cristo Reyes
Both players had a steady leg in the sixth leg with Josh losing out after Reyes hitting D8 to move 4-2 after Josh just missing out on a 138 finish.

Josh Payne 3-4 Cristo Reyes
Josh had a much better leg in the seventh leg taking out 77 for a 14 dart leg to close the gap to 4-3.

Josh Payne 4-4 Cristo Reyes
Josh levelled the match at 4-4 in leg eight after Reyes missed five darts to go 5-3 up as Josh took out D4 to level the contest.

Josh Payne 5-4 Cristo Reyes
Josh kicked off the ninth leg with a 140, leaving a finish after 12 darts setting up tops as Reyes missed two darts to move ahead and Josh took out D10 for a 17 dart leg to move 5-4 ahead just one leg from victory.

Josh Payne 6-4 Cristo Reyes
Josh hit back to back 140s followed by a 131 to leave D16 in which he took out with his first dart for a 13 dart leg to take the match 6-4 and set up a second round clash with the number eight seed Benito van de Pas.

Post Match Interview

“I made that hard work, I couldn’t even get going my darts were flying all over the place but that happens sometimes in your first game”
Josh Payne
“I will be on the practise board tonight I was practising before the game and it was fine and then I came up here and they were flying a little bit different but you gotta deal with it haven’t you”
Josh Payne
“Every tournament you go in you gotta try and go as far as you can sometimes it doesn’t happen and sometimes you can win can’t you”
Josh Payne, When asked what his goals were for the weekend
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