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  • The new RAZR dart range has been designed with an acute sawtooth grip to appeal to players that demand exceptional feel with a consistent release. They are available in two popular barrel profiles, mid-balanced parallel and front-balanced bulbous. 21g •Diameter 6.4mm •Length 50mm 23g •Diameter 6.7mm •Length 50mm 25g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 50mm 28g •Diameter 7.1mm •Length 52mm 30g •Diameter 7.35mm •Length 52mm
  • Made from 90% tungsten, Harrows Supergrip darts are designed for advanced players that require a more severe grip for consistent release. They come complete with Supergrip flights and Supergrip shafts. 21g •Diameter 6.6mm •Length 50mm 22g •Diameter 6.8mm •Length 50mm 23g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 50mm 24g •Diameter 7.4mm •Length 50mm 25g •Diameter 7.4mm •Length 50mm 26g •Diameter 7.7mm •Length 50mm 28g •Diameter 7.8mm •Length 52mm 30g •Diameter 8.3mm •Length 52mm

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