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  • Bomber 85% tungsten darts feature classic bullet style contoured barrels. This ergonomic design gives perfect finger grip, combined with ease of release, for maximum scoring. High grade shafts and aerodynamic flights guarantee "in flight" perfection. 21g •Diameter 8.5mm •Length 36mm 23g •Diameter 8.5mm •Length 36mm 25g •Diameter 8.5mm •Length 41mm 27g •Diameter 8.5mm •Length 41mm
  • Team Unicorn is proud to have 4 World Champions. No other brand has more Champions or more Championship victories. As World Champions they demand the very best. This is what they use. • Barrel designs as used by World Champions on TV • Natural Tungsten • World Champion Aluminium shafts • Guaranteed Weight Certified ±0.1g • Icon Case Included • Engraved Unicorn Hallmark 21g •Diameter 6.10mm •Length 52.32mm 23g •Diameter 6.35mm •Length 52.32mm 25g •Diameter 6.63mm •Length 52.32mm 27g •Diameter 6.88mm •Length 52.32mm
  • From Unicorn's unique Purist Player Development Lab. • Purist = Barrels only • Guaranteed Weight Certified ±0.1g • Purist wallet • Engraved Unicorn Hallmark 21g •Diameter 6.17mm •Length 55.14mm 23g •Diameter 6.73mm •Length 55.14mm 25g •Diameter 6.81mm •Length 55.14mm 27g •Diameter 7.09mm •Length 55.14mm

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