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  • Ace Darts

    £9.95 inc VAT
    Experience ultimate non-slip performance with Ace darts. The barrels feature a unique vulcanised rubber grip, for improved control. Supergrip shafts and 100 micron Marathon flights complete the total grip concept. 20g •Diameter 8.5mm •Length 56mm 22g •Diameter 9.1mm •Length 56mm 24g •Diameter 9.3mm •Length 56mm 26g •Diameter 9.5mm •Length 56mm
  • These 90% tungsten darts feature our unique 'Atomic' grip configuration providing players with the ultimate in release control. The barrels have been induction hardened to improve fatigue resistance, giving increased protection against repetitive impact damage. 22g •Diameter 7.1mm •Length 43mm 24g •Diameter 7.7mm •Length 43mm 26g •Diameter 7.9mm •Length 43mm
  • Laminar flow occurs when air moves in parallel layers without disruption. Aura 95% tungsten darts have been designed to promote smooth laminar air flow, which minimises the turbulence that influences the trajectory of the dart. Blue Nitride is infused into the tungsten to produce a non-slip coating which is extremely durable, whilst creating a dart of unprecedented beauty. 22g •Diameter 6.5mm •Length 50mm 23g •Diameter 6.5mm •Length 50mm 24g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 50mm 26g •Diameter 7.0mm •Length 50mm
  • Blaze S2 Darts

    £9.95 inc VAT
    Blaze darts are precision engineered from Inox Steel, a high carbon, iron alloy. The sleek and stylish non-tarnish barrels feature a unique combination of horizontal and reverse cut micro-grooves, for ultimate control. Supergrip shafts and 100 micron Marathon flights provide aerodynamic perfection. 22g •Diameter 8.9mm •Length 56mm 24g •Diameter 9.9mm •Length 56mm
  • To achieve Cobalt's elegance, the finest 90% tungsten goes through a 6-stage process. The front of the dart is turned using our new Japanese CNC machinery. It is then treated with a tough, blue titanium nitride coating & re-machined to leave a stunning, dual-function grip. The back then undergoes the same process with the final cut producing forward & reverse grip protrusions. The finished darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams & teamed with Supergrip Fusion shafts & Retina flights. 21g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 49mm 22g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 49mm 23g •Diameter 7.1mm •Length 49mm 24g •Diameter 7.2mm •Length 49mm 25g •Diameter 7.4mm •Length 49mm 26g •Diameter 7.4mm •Length 49mm
  • The Elite range has been developed using precise anthropometric data, resulting in the most ergonomic darts ever manufactured. To create Elite darts, an injection moulded 90% tungsten billet is initially machined into its streamlined shape, coated with a tough black titanium nitride finish and finally re-machined to produce a perfect all-over grip. The darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams and fitted with new Supergrip Fusion shafts and Retina flights. 21g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 50mm 22g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 50mm 23g •Diameter 7.1mm •Length 50mm 24g •Diameter 7.1mm •Length 50mm 25g •Diameter 7.4mm •Length 50mm 26g •Diameter 7.4mm •Length 50mm
  • These precision machined tungsten darts are engineered for close grouping and high scoring for players who are serious about winning. 22g •Diameter 7.3mm •Length 54mm 24g •Diameter 7.6mm •Length 54mm 26g •Diameter 7.9mm •Length 54mm
  • Harrows worked closely with their Champ, Glen Durrant, to create his new, impressive darts. Glen wanted extra grip in particular areas, so Harrows increased the groove width and depth to achieve what Glen has said offers him the perfect balance between grip and release control. Glen also wanted the darts to reflect his image, so Harrows have added their new, vivid red metallic coating as well as a splash of white paint, to create this stunning set of quality tungstens. 22g •Diameter 6.4mm •Length 50mm 24g •Diameter 6.5mm •Length 50mm 26g •Diameter 6.7mm •Length 50mm
  • From Unicorn's unique Purist Player Development Lab. • Gripper Finish • Purist = Barrels only • Guaranteed Weight Certified ±0.1g • Purist wallet • Engraved Unicorn Hallmark 20g •Diameter 6.05mm •Length 52.83mm 22g •Diameter 6.25mm •Length 52.83mm
  • Team Unicorn is proud to have 4 World Champions. No other brand has more Champions or more Championship victories. As World Champions they demand the very best. This is what they use. • Barrel designs as used by World Champions on TV • Natural Tungsten • World Champion Aluminium shafts • Guaranteed Weight Certified ±0.1g • Icon Case • Engraved Unicorn Hallmark 22g •Diameter 6.35mm •Length 50.8mm 24g •Diameter 6.68mm •Length 50.8mm 26g •Diameter 6.99mm •Length 50.8mm
  • Harrows’ technicians worked closely with Josh Payne to develop his new 'Max 180' darts. High grade 90% tungsten is given a tough, gold titanium nitride coating, before undergoing a unique, 2-stage machining process. The resulting dart is perfectly balanced and offers incredible grip. The steel tip darts are match weighed to +/- 0.5 grams, and are fitted with Supergrip shafts and new Josh Payne flights. 22g •Diameter 6.2mm •Length 53mm 24g •Diameter 6.5mm •Length 53mm 26g •Diameter 6.7mm •Length 53mm
  • Premier is the Elite grouping of Unicorn PDC Premier League players only a heartbeat away from World Champion status. The Premier League has taken the darts world by storm – and Unicorn’s Premier grouping are demanding the best to take them to the very top. This is what they use. • Barrel designs as used by Maestros on TV • Natural Tungsten • Maestro Aluminium Shaft • Guaranteed Weight Certified ±0.1g • Engraved Unicorn Hallmark 22g •Diameter 6.27mm •Length 50.19mm 24g •Diameter 6.50mm •Length 50.19mm 26g •Diameter 6.78mm •Length 50.19mm
  • Unicorn’s Contenders are all professionals establishing their careers in darts, snapping at the heels of the established players. They know no fear and the world titles are theirs for the taking. These are the darts they trust for their journey. • Barrel designs as used by Contenders on TV • Gripper 3 shafts • Guaranteed Weight Certified ±0.1g • Engraved Unicorn Hallmark of quality 22g •Diameter 7.0mm •Length 43.2mm 24g •Diameter 7.2mm •Length 44.5mm
  • Mervyn “The King” King is a worldwide multiple tournament winner and is one of the most consistent dart players on the professional circuit. Mervyn demands total precision in his darts to ensure consistency in his throw, which is why he only uses Winmau match weighed tungsten darts. Rule the oche with Mervyn’s uniquely sculpted tungsten darts. 22g •Diameter 6.6-5.7mm •Length 48.3mm 24g •Diameter 6.6-5.8mm •Length 50.8mm 26g •Diameter 7-6mm •Length 50.8mm
  • Through a complex fusion of intricate milling and expert machining, Oracle darts have been created. The 90% tungsten parallel dart is a flawless display of the machining capabilities we have here at Harrows. Divided into eleven symmetrical segments, this dart boasts unrivalled control as a result of its cutter head grip. The dart is initially turned using our new sophisticated CNC machinery, coated in black titanium nitride and given a second, vivid, jade metallic coating. It is then carefully milled to reveal the final stunning 3 colour contrast, completing the look of this truly outstanding dart. 22g •Diameter 6.7mm •Length 50mm 23g •Diameter 6.8mm •Length 50mm 24g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 50mm 26g •Diameter 7.2mm •Length 50mm
  • Introducing the undisputed world champion Phil “The Power” Taylor with 16 World Championship titles and 76 other major titles worldwide, Phil is known as the greatest dart player ever. Phil in conjunction with Targets team of designers collaborated to produce the finest range of darts ever seen. Phil plays with Power 9Fives. Each dart is Machined from an ultra-dense 95% Tungsten billet, the dart is then hand loaded into a Japanese CNC lathe for its machining process, it is then milled to apply our unique patented Pixel Grip. Each Dart has 90 individually machined axial pixel cuts along the length of the dart to give the unique and unparalleled tactile grip. The dart is further enhanced with the application of Phil’s Azzurri blue titanium nitride coating to each of the Pixel cuts. The addition of the laser etched Power 9Five logo, steel dart points, the Titanium Power Shaft and Vision Edge flights complete a truly stunning dart. 22g •Diameter 7.85mm •Length 41.0mm 24g •Diameter 7.85mm •Length 41.0mm 26g •Diameter 7.85mm •Length 41.0mm

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