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  • Adrian Lewis is the first player in PDC history to successfully defend his PDC debut World Championship title. The Adrian Lewis Gen 3 is the latest dart used by Adrian Lewis in pursuit of his 3rd world title. Generation 3 embodies the integrity and excellence reflected in the partnership of a formidable champion and the manufacturer of the world’s finest darts. This 90% Tungsten barrel features contemporary styled grooves coupled with Target’s Nano grip technology for enhanced grip and finger to barrel synergy. Each dart comes complete with Target Pro Grip Shafts and Target Vision Flights. 21g •Diameter 6.25mm •Length 50.9mm 23g •Diameter 6.40mm •Length 50.9mm 25g •Diameter 6.80mm •Length 50.9mm
  • These 90% tungsten darts feature our unique 'Atomic' grip configuration providing players with the ultimate in release control. The barrels have been induction hardened to improve fatigue resistance, giving increased protection against repetitive impact damage. 21g •Diameter 7.1mm •Length 49mm 23g •Diameter 7.2mm •Length 49mm 25g •Diameter 7.6mm •Length 49mm
  • Laminar flow occurs when air moves in parallel layers without disruption. Aura 95% tungsten darts have been designed to promote smooth laminar air flow, which minimises the turbulence that influences the trajectory of the dart. Blue Nitride is infused into the tungsten to produce a non-slip coating which is extremely durable, whilst creating a dart of unprecedented beauty. 21g •Diameter 6.3mm •Length 50mm 23g •Diameter 6.6mm •Length 50mm 25g •Diameter 7.0mm •Length 50mm
  • Blaze S1 Darts

    £9.95 inc VAT
    Blaze darts are precision engineered from Inox Steel, a high carbon, iron alloy. The sleek and stylish non-tarnish barrels feature a unique combination of horizontal and reverse cut micro-grooves, for ultimate control. Supergrip shafts and 100 micron Marathon flights provide aerodynamic perfection. 21g •Diameter 8.4mm •Length 56mm 23g •Diameter 9.4mm •Length 56mm
  • Bomber 85% tungsten darts feature classic bullet style contoured barrels. This ergonomic design gives perfect finger grip, combined with ease of release, for maximum scoring. High grade shafts and aerodynamic flights guarantee "in flight" perfection. 21g •Diameter 8.5mm •Length 36mm 23g •Diameter 8.5mm •Length 36mm 25g •Diameter 8.5mm •Length 41mm 27g •Diameter 8.5mm •Length 41mm
  • To achieve Cobalt's elegance, the finest 90% tungsten goes through a 6-stage process. The front of the dart is turned using our new Japanese CNC machinery. It is then treated with a tough, blue titanium nitride coating & re-machined to leave a stunning, dual-function grip. The back then undergoes the same process with the final cut producing forward & reverse grip protrusions. The finished darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams & teamed with Supergrip Fusion shafts & Retina flights. 21g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 49mm 22g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 49mm 23g •Diameter 7.1mm •Length 49mm 24g •Diameter 7.2mm •Length 49mm 25g •Diameter 7.4mm •Length 49mm 26g •Diameter 7.4mm •Length 49mm
  • ARISE for Corey ‘King’ Cadby. These 90% Tungsten darts are produced exactly to Cadby’s specifications, and lead him to secure his Tour Card through Q-School, and his first senior PDC title with UK Open Qualifier success. Featuring intricate Knurled grooves at the front & Radial grooves at back, the barrel is then coated in black and gold Titanium Nitride to provide long lasting barrel protection and enhanced grip. Complete with Intermediate Pro Grip white shaft, Black points and Pro.Ultra NO6 flights which feature the King Cadby Coat of Arms logo. 21g •Diameter 6.85mm •Length 51.0mm 23g •Diameter 6.85mm •Length 51.0mm
  • The Elite range has been developed using precise anthropometric data, resulting in the most ergonomic darts ever manufactured. To create Elite darts, an injection moulded 90% tungsten billet is initially machined into its streamlined shape, coated with a tough black titanium nitride finish and finally re-machined to produce a perfect all-over grip. The darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams and fitted with new Supergrip Fusion shafts and Retina flights. 21g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 50mm 22g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 50mm 23g •Diameter 7.1mm •Length 50mm 24g •Diameter 7.1mm •Length 50mm 25g •Diameter 7.4mm •Length 50mm 26g •Diameter 7.4mm •Length 50mm
  • Team Unicorn is proud to have 4 World Champions. No other brand has more Champions or more Championship victories. As World Champions they demand the very best. This is what they use. • Barrel designs as used by World Champions on TV • Natural Tungsten • World Champion Aluminium shafts • Guaranteed Weight Certified ±0.1g • Icon Case Included • Engraved Unicorn Hallmark 21g •Diameter 6.10mm •Length 52.32mm 23g •Diameter 6.35mm •Length 52.32mm 25g •Diameter 6.63mm •Length 52.32mm 27g •Diameter 6.88mm •Length 52.32mm
  • From Unicorn's unique Purist Player Development Lab. • Purist = Barrels only • Guaranteed Weight Certified ±0.1g • Purist wallet • Engraved Unicorn Hallmark 21g •Diameter 6.17mm •Length 55.14mm 23g •Diameter 6.73mm •Length 55.14mm 25g •Diameter 6.81mm •Length 55.14mm 27g •Diameter 7.09mm •Length 55.14mm
  • These precision machined tungsten darts are engineered for close grouping and high scoring for players who are serious about winning. 21g •Diameter 7.3mm •Length 54mm 23g •Diameter 7.5mm •Length 54mm 25g •Diameter 7.9mm •Length 54mm
  • Unicorn's Maestro players are master dart professionals, at the very top of their game and ranked within the top players in the world. They need the very best to help them climb the ladder. This is what they use. • Barrel designs as used by Maestros on TV • Natural Tungsten • Gripper 3 Shafts • Guaranteed Weight Certified ±0.1g • Engraved Unicorn Hallmark • Ultrafly Joe Cullen Flight 21g •Diameter 6.3mm •Length 50.60mm 23g •Diameter 6.6mm •Length 50.60mm
  • Introducing the undisputed world champion Phil “The Power” Taylor with 16 World Championship titles and 76 other major titles worldwide, Phil is known as the greatest dart player ever. Phil in conjunction with Targets team of designers collaborated to produce the finest range of darts ever seen. The Power 8Zero is machined from an ultra-dense 80% Tungsten billet, the dart is then hand loaded into a Japanese CNC lathe for its machining process. The Dart is then Intricately enamelled by hand before being completely re-machined to give the unique and intricate grip. The addition of the laser etched Power 8Zero logo, steel points, the Target Pro Grip shaft and Vision Flights complete a truly stunning dart. 21g •Diameter 6.35mm •Length 52.0mm 23g •Diameter 6.73mm •Length 50.6mm 24g •Diameter 7.00mm •Length 50.5mm 25g •Diameter 7.15mm •Length 50.6mm 26g •Diameter 7.34mm •Length 51.6mm
  • The Plexus dual-grip concept is an intricate network of transverse and lateral milling with concave machining, all performed on our state-of-the-art machinery, and finished with a recessed, vibrant metallic, red coating. The darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams and are presented in our spectacular new packaging. 21g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 50mm 23g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 50mm 24g •Diameter 7.2mm •Length 50mm 25g •Diameter 7.3mm •Length 50mm
  • Predator darts have been created with 3 prominent grip zones which cover the length of the barrel to appeal to front, middle and rear grippers. The tapered barrels have been designed to ensure consistent finger positioning with an intense feel. The dart is coated in black titanium nitride and precisely re-machined to produce a sleek and stylish dart. 21g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 50mm 22g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 50mm 23g •Diameter 7.1mm •Length 50mm 24g •Diameter 7.1mm •Length 50mm 25g •Diameter 7.4mm •Length 50mm 26g •Diameter 7.4mm •Length 50mm
  • Introducing the new Harrows Pulse 90% tungsten darts, for the ultimate in release control. The sharp, recessed curve grip is perfect for players that demand extra feel but without losing that, all-important, easy release. The darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams and fitted with aqua Supergrip Fusion shafts and new Prime flights. 21g •Diameter 6.4mm •Length 49mm 22g •Diameter 6.4mm •Length 49mm 23g •Diameter 6.6mm •Length 49mm 24g •Diameter 6.6mm •Length 49mm 25g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 49mm 26g •Diameter 6.9mm •Length 49mm

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