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  • Designed by "The History Maker” himself, these darts are replicas of Brendan’s unique barrel design. They are made for Brendan by Winmau and ensure deadly checkouts and maximum scoring. Utilising Winmau’s class-leading ONYX Coating, they feel perfectly balanced and provide stunning levels of grip. 23g •Diameter 6.2mm •Length 54.6mm 25g •Diameter 6.4mm •Length 54.6mm
  • Daryl Gurney is set to become a PDC superstar, and these striking darts will ensure he gets noticed on the oche! These 90% tungsten darts incorporate Titanium Nitride Coating for a long-lasting performance grip. The sleek profile allows for close grouping and pinpoint accuracy. 23g •Diameter 6.2mm •Length 54.6mm 25g •Diameter 6.6mm •Length 54.6mm
  • Mervyn “The King” King is a worldwide multiple tournament winner and is one of the most consistent dart players on the professional circuit. Mervyn demands total precision in his darts to ensure consistency in his throw, which is why he only uses Winmau match weighed tungsten darts. Rule the oche with Mervyn’s uniquely sculpted tungsten darts. 22g •Diameter 6.6-5.7mm •Length 48.3mm 24g •Diameter 6.6-5.8mm •Length 50.8mm 26g •Diameter 7-6mm •Length 50.8mm
  • Conjured by “The Wizard” himself, these darts are replicas of his unique barrel design. They are made for Simon by Winmau and ensure blockbusting checkouts and devastating accuracy. The darts feel perfectly balanced and weighted in your hand right from the moment you start using them. 22g •Diameter 6.8-4.6mm •Length 50.8mm 24g •Diameter 7.2-4.8mm •Length 50.8mm
  • World Champion, Steve “The Bronzed Adonis” Beaton, designed these detailed gold and black ringed 90% tungsten darts to provide a perfectly weighted feel. These unique darts feature a Winmau Micro Grip and knurled points for the ultimate control. Help elevate your game to the level of a champion! 22g •Diameter 7.0mm •Length 43.2mm 24g •Diameter 7.3mm •Length 43.2mm

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