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  • Prime flights combine advanced UV print technology with a tough, 100 micron, laminate to offer ultra-modern visual appeal and increased strength. Each Pack contains 3 flights. Buy in bulk and save! 5% discount for 5+ flights 10% discount for 10+ flights
  • Spina is a concept borne out of the idea to create a dart focusing on perfect balance, along with a powerful grip. Using rigorous machining techniques, we have created a dart for players who demand optimum feel and consistency. The reverse-hook cut on the front and rear of the barrel ensure an astounding level of grip, whilst the finer shark-cut grip at the taper guarantees consistent finger placement throw after throw. Spina 90% darts are available in both black and gold titanium nitride models, both of which are completed with eye-catching, blue metallic coated rings. 21g •Diameter 7.2mm •Length 49mm 22g •Diameter 7.3mm •Length 49mm 23g •Diameter 7.4mm •Length 49mm 24g •Diameter 7.5mm •Length 49mm 25g •Diameter 7.6mm •Length 49mm 26g •Diameter 7.7mm •Length 49mm

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