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  • The world's most popular tungsten darts. The Assassin 80% range offers a fully comprehensive selection of styles and weights, which combine to form a series of radical and highly popular models. Alamo shafts and Hologram flights provide aerodynamic perfection. 18g •Diameter 6.3mm •Length 41mm
  • Black Jack Darts

    £10.96 inc VAT
    The Black Jack range is a sleek and menacing series for the advancing player. Anodised Aluminium with the tungsten look barrels feature precision black knurling for maximum grip and optimum control. The barrels are teamed with the very latest advances in shaft and flight technology. 18gK •Diameter 8.7mm •Length 56mm 20gK •Diameter 8.7mm •Length 56mm 22gK •Diameter 9.2mm •Length 56mm 24gK •Diameter 9.7mm •Length 56mm
  • The Club range is the world's most popular brass series. The precision barrels, which are available in a wide choice of weights and styles, are teamed with nylon shafts and Marathon flights for great all round performance. 18gK •Diameter 8.2mm •Length 52mm
  • Harrows’ technicians worked closely with Josh Payne to develop his new 'Max 180' darts. High grade 90% tungsten is given a tough, gold titanium nitride coating, before undergoing a unique, 2-stage machining process. The resulting dart is perfectly balanced and offers incredible grip. The softip darts are match weighed to +/- 0.5 grams, and are fitted with Supergrip shafts and new Josh Payne flights. 18g •Diameter 6.3mm •Length 48mm
  • Matrix Brass Darts

    £7.96 inc VAT
    The Matrix range of superbly styled brass darts features unique colour coded, contoured barrels, which are designed to give optimum grip and consistent, repeatable control. Quality shafts teamed with aerodynamic flights combine to create “in flight” perfection. 18gK •Diameter 8.2mm •Length 53mm 20gK •Diameter 8.2mm •Length 57mm 22gK •Diameter 8.7mm •Length 56mm 24gK •Diameter 9.2mm •Length 56mm 26gK •Diameter 9.6mm •Length 55mm
  • The Silver Arrows range features precision brass barrels, which are finished with a silver chrome, to create a stylish look for the intermediate player, alamo shafts and marathon flights complete the winning formula. 18g •Diameter 7.7mm •Length 54mm 22g •Diameter 8.4mm •Length 54mm 26g •Diameter 9.4mm •Length 53mm

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